What Are Surplus Funds?

We are committed to helping those that lost property through tax sale or foreclosure locate and collect the surplus funds that they're owed from the sales proceeds.


If a property is sold at tax sale or foreclosed upon and the bid amount is greater than the total taxes, assessments, penalties, and/or costs due, the resulting excess funds are held in escrow and known as “Surplus” or “Overage”. According to most state laws, these funds belong to “the owner of record immediately before the end of the redemption period” and are available to be claimed and payable after execution of the sale of the property.

If your property has been sold at a tax sale or was foreclosed upon, you may be entitled to these Surplus funds. The county will mail notification letters to anyone with available surplus. If you have not received a letter, but would like to inquire about the possibility of available surplus, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or contact our office at 904-395-5490. If any overage is available, we can help you collect those funds with absolutely no up-front out-of-pocket cost.

Because the process of claiming Surplus funds are time-sensitive, please contact us As Soon As Possible if you believe you may have funds available.

You can contact us using the form to your right, or you can reach us directly by phone or e-mail:

You can contact us using the form below, or you can reach us directly by phone or e-mail:


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