About Propery Loss Claims Processing

We are committed to helping those that lost property through tax sale or foreclosure locate and collect the surplus funds that they're owed from the sales proceeds.


Property Loss Claims Processing by Amalya Realty Group is exactly what our name states. We provide a claims processing service to those who have lost their property to tax sale or foreclosure. What sets us apart is the fact that we are a licensed real estate brokerage who has specialized in residential real estate since 2001. We are passionate about what we do and the people we serve. Once we discovered the fact that so many people lose tens of thousands of dollars that they didn’t even know belonged to them, it was a simple decision to add this service as an offering to the public.

We utilize over 18+ years of our collective expertise and our committed & creative team to successfully locate and process all claims in an Excellent, Timely, and Efficient manner. We believe and stand on our company pillars of Honesty, Loyalty and Cooperative Communication to accomplish the goal of getting the funds back to the people that they rightfully belong to. Our clients playfully refer to us as the “Robinhood of Tax Sales & Foreclosures” and we proudly accept that moniker as a badge of honor.

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